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Green Key

We've got Gold!

Again, Van der Valk Hotel Leiden has achieved to keep the Golden Green Key certificate for environmentally and socially responsible business! Van der Valk Hotel Leiden is serious about sustainability, care for the environment and nature. Since 2011 Van der Valk Hotel Leiden has a Green Team. This team consists of 10 dedicated employees who keep an extra eye on separating waste, water consumption and other environmental aspects.

Green Key accommodations have been recognized by the Green Key shield at the main entrance of the property. At this shield you can see the Green Key logo below the date and level (bronze / silver / gold) which the company complies.


- A charging point for electric cars and bicycles
- Sensor faucets in the washing stands
- 100 % green energy
- Biological and fair-trade products
- Water from the Rhine to water the garden
- Microfiber cleaning towels
- A sustainable, central fridge
- Fire extinguishers with an organic substance
- Dosage systems for the best usage of cleaning products
- Recording the consumption of gas, energy, water and waste and linen
- All employees are committed every day for a sustainable hotel
- As much as possible make use of FSC certified 100% recycled paper
- Quotations/confirmations, send it digital as much as possible and not by mail
- Printing as less a possible and/or two-sided printing
- Painting projects are carried out with certified paint products
- Using old bread for the animals in the nearby area (it's being picked up)
- No copies of ID card or passport when checking-in at the hotel
- Water-saving shower heads
- Special bins near the hotel rooms. Paper, plastic, and other waste can be separated easily here. Van Der Valk Leiden subsequently ensures that every transaction is waste disposed of in the correct way